About Us

Icon Sportswire is a photojournalist wire service that is among the premiere players in the industry, with photos regularly appearing in major national and international publications such as Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal, AOL, Yahoo, Sporting News, Newsweek, ESPN the Magazine and countless others; as well as in books, web sites, major advertising campaigns and elsewhere. Our daily coverage of sport makes us a primary resource of sports images for thousands of websites, newspapers and magazines every day.

Icon Sportswire provides an unparalleled level of personalized service. Our staff creates unique strategies for all of our clients--from small Web operations to multi-million dollar organizations---to ensure they can immediately access the imagery they need.

We maintain an archive of millions of photographs, including a historical archive of iconic figures like Jim Thorpe, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig - even Frank Sinatra - to current sporting events around the world.

If for some reason we don't have an image you need, we will find it for you.

Icon photographers regularly cover all major sporting events worldwide, including:

We are poised for virtually any editorial or advertorial assignment internationally. Among our ranks are award-winning photographers with a broad range of photographic specialties, from athlete portraiture to space shuttle launches.

Additionally, Icon Sportswire photographers are available for hire to cover corporate events or private outings. If it involves photography, we can almost certainly provide you with what you need.

Additional Services

Photo Research
Having trouble finding the right image or a subject within our vast image database? Our staff is thoroughly versed in our image content and specializes in finding the right picture for your project. If you need it, we'll find it.

Assignment Photography
Icon Sportswire photographers are available for editorial assignment work, bringing a unique vision and unsurpassed quality to your next project. With hundreds of photographers around the world, we'll find a photographer to fit your request.

Event Requests
Have a specific request from a particular event, an Icon Sportswire photographer will capture the content that fits your needs.

Commissioned Assignment
For Commissioned assignments of subjects or events, we will exclusively commission a photographer to capture your photographic needs.

Corporate Assignment
If you are a team, university, venue, sponsor or event organizer in need of photography services, Icon Sportswire can provide you an end-to-end photographic solution that captures the images and delivers them directly to you or via our image platform. Individual game or event or season-long services are available.

Content Syndication
Icon Sportswire represents image collections from foreign photo services, newspapers, and the historical content of renowned photographers. If you are looking to syndicate your current or historical content, contact us for consultation as to of how our assignment and syndication services can help you distribute and monetize your content.

Player Portraits
Updated headshot photos and action shots of all players in top leagues. Offered as a feed from our sister editorial division, The Sports Forecaster, who selects the photos and keeps them current.

Leading the way

Founded in 1999 by former Getty veterans, Icon Sportswire has been at the forefront of the monumental transition from film to digital photography. In 2000, it was an Icon Sportswire photographer who during the Super Bowl who took the first digital photograph ever to run as a double-page spread in Sports Illustrated (read Poynter's coverage of that landmark event here: http://www.poynter.org/uncategorized/1507/si-rallies-with-genuine-fractals-after-super-bowl-fumble/).

We use custom-designed technology to store our imagery and our Web site is styled to be simple, user-friendly and efficient, giving you a high-speed avenue to find and download the photo you need.

We're a forward-thinking organization with our fingers on the pulse of the constantly evolving world of media. Rather than just rolling with the punches, we anticipate changes in the industry and adapt to meet the needs of those we work with. A decision to partner with Icon Sportswire is a decision to remain that much more on the cutting edge.

We are constantly interested in your feedback and are ready to answer further questions you may have about our company. Please don't hesitate to direct questions or comments to info@iconsportswire.com.

Thank you for visiting our site and for your interest in our organization and our work. We look forward to meeting your photographic needs!